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How Does Terapizy Work?

With Terapizy you can now get instant online sex and couples therapy support from the comfort of your home or from any location by meeting with expert sex and couples therapists via the Terapizy App.  

1. Client Analysis

We need a better understanding of you so that we can direct you to the right therapist. We match you with your therapist by using your answers to the questions in the introduction section.

2. Therapist Matching

After you have been matched with your therapist, you can get to know him/her better by examining his/her profile and bio. You can request a free preliminary meeting by quickly booking the nearest date from their schedule.

3. Free Welcoming Call

You can share your therapy expectations with your therapist with a peace of mind. Your therapist will listen to your expectation and together you will decide on the next steps as you begin your therapy journey with Terapizy.

4. Begin Your Therapy Journey

Once you have decided on the number of sessions to begin your therapy journey,  get ready to upgrade your relationship as you discover yourself and your partner with expert guidence from your therapist. 

Why Choose Terapizy?

It’s widely acknowledged that a significant portion of our happiness 90%, as the saying goes is tied to our relationships. At Terapizy, an app created by leading sex and couples therapists, this notion isn’t just a saying; it’s the cornerstone of our mission.

That’s precisely why we developed Terapizy. Our goal is to fortify your bond with your significant other, supported by our accredited and seasoned therapists. With Terapizy’s online therapy, even chronic relationship challenges and sexual dysfunction can find resolutions. Plus, Terapizy offers valuable free resources: Kegel exercises to enhance sexual health, the informative Terablog for educational insights, and the engaging Terapod podcasts to spark conversation and reflection. Download our app and discover how Terapizy can transform your relationship today.

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Benefits of Online Couples Therapy and Intimacy Counseling

Key Advantages

Get free access to dozens of podcasts, blog content and exercises in the Terapizy App.

Terapizy Podcast


Listen to podcasts and educational content designed by our expert therapists on relationship and intimacy topics.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and improve your sexual health with Dr. Kegel’s world-proven Kegel Exercises.



Get free access to dozens of content that can contribute to your personal and relationship growth with Terablog.

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Connect with licensed therapists from the comfort of your home.

Talk to Expert Clinical Psychologists Online Now with Terapizy.

Terapizy is a leading online therapy platform that provides convenient and affordable access to mental health care. Our team of experienced clinical psychologists can help you with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Sexual disfunctions
  • Relationship problems
  • Marriage problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Sexual health issues
  • Stress management

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